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A.  LED Display  
    Multiple Options :  Pitch and Orientation
  1. Mobile
    1. Indoor or Outdoor

    2. All inclusive with complete control room

    3. Powered by shore power.

  2. Modular
    1. Indoor or Outdoor

    2. Varied sizes available for different scenerios 

    3. Shore Power is required

    4. Setup, Strike and display orientation requires lift equipment.


B.  Projection Display  
  1. Various gigs from Concerts to a Conference Room
  2. Numerous options.
    1. Front / Rear 

    2. Very easy to transport, set, strike and operate.

    3. Power is 110V 20A.

    4. Stage Orientation is Hung, Mount, or Standing.

    5. Sizing is 6'x9' to 12'x16


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