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The owner


A Montana native, inspired by the wild Montana country .  A competitive champion on every level from high school to college to pro and took that competitive edge to another passion.  Fascinated in the early years by scenes from The Cowboys, Man from Snowy River, The Great American Cowboy, it was a foregone conclusion that figuring out how they shot those scenes was imperative and shooting a western film was a goal in mind. The western film was never produced, however, now every year over 200 performances of sporting or stage events are filmed, produced or enhanced in some way and shown live to audiences nationwide.  

The crew


The Montex crew is comprised from some of the smartest and talented people in the entertainment industry nationwide regardless that it's primary productions are in the rodeo arena.  From the weathered salty veterans to the young visionaries Montex is well rounded, focused, and setting the benchmarks in industry standard rather then following others.  Like all teams there are specialists that stand apart to make them special but bind each other together for a strong formidable presentation.  We all understand that the world we live in is a visual market place.  The crew understands the ever competitive market demands greater visuals with a constant growing arsenal of data driven results.  

The Equipment


The equipment is varied from each event location.  No two events can claim to be the same.  Each situation is different therefor we build a customized program for each event Montex provides services for.  What is imparitive for one location is trivial to another.  Every event has an agenda  with their own unique identity.  It is job one at Montex to enhance that identity and give it a life of it's own that lives and breathes that message during every ticketed performance.  That is what makes the Montex Experience so successful with satisfied return customers.  The Montex wharehouse has a complete inventory of all things video production.

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