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Who We Are


Passionate about events, motived by the show.!


Live events aren’t just about the final score or sell. The best part of what we do is pioneering the fan experience at live sporting and community events via emotional storytelling, creative data driven video technology , strategic timings, and maximum opportunities for fun active engagement.


Events with the proper management are the bridge that unites a community whether you are a business, a competitor, or a fan. The total package is community, patrons, participants and how this enhances all involved including the underwriters of said events or venues .


These experiences, are essential to any brand and integral to furthering our relationship with any community whether small or large in coorporate reach.


Success in this type niche requires relentless hard work where the objective is a total win win for everyone!

The Equipment


The equipment is varied from each event location.  No two events can claim to be the same.  


Each situation is different therefor we build a customized program for each event Montex provides services for.  What is imparitive for one location is trivial to another.


Every event has an agenda  with their own unique Branded Identity.  It is job one at Montex to enhance that Brand and give it a life of it's own that lives and breathes that message during every ticketed performance.  That is what makes the Montex Experience so successful with satisfied return customers.  

The Montex wharehouse has a complete inventory of all things video production.

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