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Pyro  /  Laser
  • Presenting Light Pyro Shows as part of produciton since 2000.

  • The first in professional rodeo to push for correographed shows.

  • Setting benchmarks as we go....

Video / Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing

  • Graphics Design

  • Services available

Production Management
  • NFR Productions - Las Vegas Events

  • NFR Open

  • ​Finale Events - Multiple
Network / Streaming
  • Live events streaming

  • Events / content saved to cloud for share

  • Social Media Upload

  • Subcontract as needed.

  • Available to work with any contracted provider for production plan.

  • Lighting is an often overlooked but sorely needed effect for overal impact of show.

Production and Effects

In some cases the produciton is an intigral part of the entire presentation.

Montex has the experience and skill necessary to do as much or little to assist in the final product.

Additional Services
Event Specialist 101
  • Tenured experience

  • Western Lifestyle experience

  • Competative Events experience 

  • Positions - Board of Directors 

  • Positions - Commitee Chair

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