A.  Manual
  1. Timing / Horn / and Hand Scores
    1. The standby basic items to conduct the business of scores and times in - information out via the announcer.

  2. Generic
    1. Timing devices that have 8 second horns with generic scoring plus wireless eyes.

  3. Packaged
    1. Farm Tek Timing, Scoring, with wireless eyes and digital reader board.

    2. Daktronics timer console with manual scoring into Daktonics scoring system with Farm Tek wireless eyes.

      1. Wireless Farm Tek digital reader board.

      2. Wireless Daktronics digital reader board


B.  Wireless
  1. Daktronics Timing Hardware Scoring Software
    1. Scoring and Timing is started and stopped in the field by the judges or electronically.  

    2. Scoreboard op and Timers enusre proper management of system and declare official times and scores.

  2. Numereous combinations 
    1. The combinations of data delivery and the use of equipment is adjusted to best suit the needs of the customer


C.  Infinite Possibilities
  1. The Art is in the development.  The science is repeating it.
    1. Montex takes extra pride in developing the looks, deliverables, and data delivery that competes on any professional sport or entertainment stage.

    2. Staff has invested in the knowledge, honed the skills, and delivered when it comes to competing in a data driven envronment thirsting for education and entertainment.


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